Summer Couscous Salad with Marinated Courgettes

This summer – for the first time in 3 years – we’ve been able to pick courgettes from our own garden.  Which is great, because we’ve missed them a lot. Although they were slow to start, our courgette plants have found their rhythm and are generously rewarding us with a plentiful crop. Which, if you’re familiar with growing this wonderful vegetable, will come to no surprise to you at all. For this reason, you can expect a string of courgette-based recipes making their appearance on the City Smallholder blog. Continue reading “Summer Couscous Salad with Marinated Courgettes”

Spinach and Feta Cheese Rolls

Hurray! That time of the year when we’re overrun with spinach has finally arrived! Our spinach has survived the vicious attacks of the neighbours’ birds, is well established and is painting large patches of bright green all over our front garden. It may sound weird to some, but I find spinach plants quite beautiful to look at, especially if they’re mine. I guess that the anticipation of the wonderful food that I can make with them has something – ok, a lot – to do with it. Continue reading “Spinach and Feta Cheese Rolls”

Broad Bean Hummus

As you’ve learnt from Thursday’s post, the broad beans are our star crop this year. For now, at least. Over the past few months, we’ve watched them grow taller, flower and plump up their pods and have talked – rather excitedly – about the wonderful food that we’ll make of our first broad bean harvest ever. And now they’re ready. Continue reading “Broad Bean Hummus”

One Birthday, Two Cakes

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about cakes for the past few days, and that’s not because we’ve suddenly developed a sweet tooth, but because of a very important family event: Brianna’s 10th birthday. Since all of our cakes – birthday ones including – are home-made, we spent hours reading recipes and trying to narrow down the vast list of possible choices to just two…The two perfect cakes for a girl’s 10th birthday. Continue reading “One Birthday, Two Cakes”

In Search of Seasonal Produce

As often mentioned in our posts, our interest in healthy eating and living has launched us on the path of wholefoods and vegetarianism. Gardening and close observation of what happens in our vegetable patch throughout the year have added a touch of seasonality to our obsession. And, finally, our ambition to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and live an Earth-friendly existence has made the search for local produce a priority. Continue reading “In Search of Seasonal Produce”

A Pearl Barley Weekend

Last week, whilst browsing through one of Nicola Graimes’ books on healthy, vegetarian wholefoods, I came across a recipe that I have always wanted to try: lemon barley water. The health benefits of barley are well known to everyone and, with it being largely and cheaply available in most food shops and supermarkets, it is an obvious choice for a family who are trying to eat well on a budget. Continue reading “A Pearl Barley Weekend”

You Are What You Eat

Those who have been following this blog from its outset will be aware that our original intention was to become self-sufficient in an urban environment.  With barely 100 square metres of land to support us, we have realised over the years that this was always going to be a tall order – encouraged at the time by a wave of TV programmes about the good life, growing your own, and becoming aware of how the food we consume is produced. Continue reading “You Are What You Eat”


Hello and Happy New Year, everyone! It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us but, since our absence was due to having a fabulous time during our December and Christmas holiday, we’re not feeling too guilty about it. After all, everyone needs a rest once in a while, and there’s no such thing as ‘too much’ fun. Continue reading “START OF THE YEAR EXPERIMENT”